Sabtu, 27 Oktober 2012

Kabayan drink coffee

This story is a short story and lucu.Bapak and Mother Teacher as well as younger siblings SDN Sawahlega students can look directly at people by clicking on the entry's action!

One day, kabayan and iteung go a coffee shop on the edge pesawahan. Because he looks weak so iteung also suggested Kabayan to drink coffee. Kabayan swiftly respond to "LIVE! ga akang dosn't have money". iteung was ignoring complaints. and iteung asked seller :
" Mr, how much coffee?".
seller replied "hot coffee in 2000 if winter 5000"
"Fine indeed a message 1".
not long before coffee was finished and handed directly to the front of Kabayan. Kabayan alacrity and gusto with direct spending so that the new coffee (yes definitely temperatures around 90 degrees C). iteung was confused and asked.
"Akang! what the hell, it's still hot coffee to drink straight on "
"Because if already cold so 5000 singing!

cerita ini adalah cerita singkat dan lucu.Bapak dan Ibu Guru serta adik-adik pelajar SDN Sawahlega bisa melihat secara langsung di dengan mengklik entri people action's!

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